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Keep your lawn looking as plush and green as a golf course with sprinkler systems from Alluring Vistas. We install and repair topline systems in and around Houston, Texas.

Maintaining the color and health of your yard is difficult with the scorching heat, not to mention the general changing of the seasons. Avoid the problems caused by Mother Nature by keeping your yard hydrated!

Other companies might go over your budget or miss deadlines, but we stick to our quoted schedule without charging you a small fortune. We find that excellent customer service comes from keeping our promises!

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Alluring Vistas is a fully licensed and insured.

Texas Irrigator (LI0015605). We will only install, repair or modify systems based on Texas Commission on Environmental Quality standards (


Once you contact us concerning your needs for sprinkler system, we will come out and take measurements and hydraulic readings from your location. Once this is done, we will email you an estimate that will include: Price; Major Components used (valves, pipe sizes, controller, backflow device, permits and shutoff valve) and Warranty Statement.

Once you accept our bid via email, we will contact Texas One source to have the utilities (gas, electric, phone and cable). Besides being Texas law, this is a great step because it helps minimize the chance of cutting lines and interrupting service to your home (we must give them 48hours - not including holidays and weekends to locate utilities on your property).

If available, we will need a copy of the survey you received when you closed on your home. We use this to create a working and “As Built” copy of your system. Once we complete your system you will be given the following: Copy of original contract; Warranty Statement; Suggested Annual Watering Schedule for your lawn and garden; Manual for controller and an “As Built” design of sprinkler system.

When installing your system our goal is to make it look like we were never there when we finish. We take care to remove the grass in such a way to minimal impact on the landscaping.

 In general for residential sites:

Only use high quality parts from reputable irrigation supply companies.
All systems installed will have: 1” valves, interior automatic controllers, rain sensor, 1” PVB (certified at installation) and 1” shutoff valve.
Scaled drawing of irrigation system.
Yes we do pull permits to make sure we are in compliance with state and local codes.
All workmanship, materials, and coverage will have a 1 year warranty below surface damage (i.e. pipe, stuck valves, malfunctioning heads). This warranty does not coverage damage from acts of GOD, vandalism, changes to landscape after installation, heavy objects crossing over heads or reprogramming timer.
All systems are customized to fit needs of the landscape.
Most systems cost $400 to $600 per zone. PLEASE NOTE, we do not charge by the zone. The cost per zone is listed merely to give potential clients an idea of the potential cost.

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